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For more than 35 years, ProSun has provided tanning, beauty and wellness equipment to clients in a variety of industries. ProSun® is progressive and forward thinking. We incorporate innovative technology, cutting edge design and engineering in every product; maximizing reliability and client satisfaction. Our company is committed to providing exceptional and consistent customer service support.


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Customers Reviews

"ProSun has great quality tanning beds and provides great customer service. We like that ProSun's equipment is easy to use and easy to clean"
Ramy G.
Owner - Gorilla Nutrition and Supplements
"We proudly tan our customers in Luxura/Prosun tanning beds. We love your products! We’ve had the best Customer care from start to finish. Glenda, Laurie and Dave have been nothing less than Perfect! Thank you again for all your care and support!”
Kelli K.
Owner - Cool Rayz Tanning
"The salon remodel and all new beds has resulted in an increase of over 35% in sales. I am very happy with the equipment and despite delays would certainly recommend Prosun"
Darrell S.
Owner - Splash Tan