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Our mission is to offer modern day services to help you grow your salon, spa, or fitness center. We greet every new client with the knowledge and experience gained from over three decades of being in business. Let ProSun guide you to a more profitable future.

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Our Services


Flash Reporting & Benchmarking

Receive reports on how your business is doing and compare to the industry standards.


Facebook Support

We will help set up your Facebook page, allowing you to stay active in the current social media market. Our company will provide you with posts for the month that you can easily share across your social media networks, including Facebook.


Marketing Tools

ProSun will provide you marketing materials that you can display in your salon to help your customers understand your tanning process and equipment. Want to sell branded merchandise? We can help with that too!


Website Development

ProSun will develop a website for you that is customized to your company and provides potential clients with all the information they need for your business. Our website Support will provide you with domain registration, customized emails, business hours, images and a contact form that allows your clients to reach out to you.


Google Ads

Prosun will provide you with Google campaigns that have been proven to drive more customers to your salon, and at the same time create more traffic for your website and Facebook page. (Ad costs calculated separately.)


Customer Surveys

ProSun will help reach out to your customers through surveys giving you invaluable insight on how to improve your salon in the eyes of your customer. All data will be put in easy to read reports that will allow you to continually improve your business and keep your customers happy.


Scheduling Tools

ProSun will help you set up a scheduling tool that will enable your customers to book appointments online or on a phone application, allowing your staff to fully focus on customers that are at your salon and giving your clients a fast and easy way to book their sessions.

"The Marketing Support Program has given me the free time to focus on my customers. They have helped me develop better business strategies and have shown me how to maximize the return on my available space! I couldn't be happier with the results."
Christina R.
Salon & Spa Owner

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