We offer unique and customized marketing materials that help your business stand out in the salon, spa and fitness industries.

Our marketing program is focused on implementing different strategies and designs into printed materials to help your business grow. We have created a variety of printed marketing offerings that are available to you online and also delivered via mail upon request. Our primary goal is to help your business succeed in the world of aggressive competition by targeting new clients retaining current customers moving them along in the booking and buying cycles. We achieve this goal by creating and managing a series of specialized and customized campaigns designed to drive traffic into your store.


Salon Support offer appealing flyer designs that focus on promotions and services your business desires to highlight.  Our creative team applies visual aesthetics that specifically reflect your brand in a unique and professional manner.

Marketing Flyers


Eye-catching posters are an essential tool to visually emphasize your business services, products and promotions. Our team strategically designs materials to quickly drive attention to the visual information and imagery.


One of the most practical marketing materials;  brochures are a very rewarding business tool that describe your business features, services and products. Design is thoughtfully applied to every page with a goal to navigate potential or existing customer throughout the brochure. 



Businesses that are eager to increase profits, should display their products in the most appealing way possible.  We are here to help you keep your customers and potential clients informed about services and products your business has to offer.  Applying design strategies to clearly display all the needed information in the most interactive way while maintaining your business’s brand identity.

business cards

Sharing contact information is essential for business growth and marketing. Business cards are a simple form of spreading a word about your business and it might be the first thing your potential client will see. With this in mind we strategically utilize space and information to layout the most memorable and eye-catching design.

Marketing t-shirt


T-shirts have become one of the most engaging and profitable marketing tools. T-shirts are a mobile advertising source for your business and can help expose you to hundreds of people, who may be your potential clients. For this reason, our primarily goal is to create t-shirts with an outstanding and memorable design that will promote your business and increase your client base.  

Make the most of your business

Marketing tools are the most interactive way to grow your business. Let's begin!