Online content is vital for establishing your brand and visibility. Expose your business to new prospective clients!

Social media is an informed and interactive way to keep in touch with your existing clients in order to build strong client community. It is also a good tool to attract new customers by posting engaging imagery with special offers and services your business has to offer. A big challenge in order to succeed is to constantly create a new content that represents your business within branding system that is visually appealing to the targeted audience.

Facebook marketing

Facebook is one of the leading marketing social media platforms with over 2 billion active users.  If you would like to grow your business and get exposed to a targeted audience, Facebook is a way to go.  Use this leading social media platform to your advantage and announce your business expertise with special services and promotions to existing and potential clients.

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Instagram Marketing

A picture says a thousand words. With help from interactive social media platform such as Instagram you can bring your business to the next level. Reach out to existing clients to keep them informed and gain new potential clients.  Over 60% of people use Instagram to discover new products or services.  Start building your business today by growing your audience.

let us help you expand your business

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Let your content flow

Create constant flow of trendsetting and interactive content to engage and reach out to existing and new online audience.

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Highlight your expertise

Attract new clients highlighting the expertise of your unique salon business features.

Let clients spread the word

Engage and motivate your existing audience by promoting new specials for them to spread the word around community.

Help clients to find you

Navigate client traffic

Improve your search engine rankings organically with promotions and services including specific hashtags that help clients find you.

Be visible to online audience

Improve your rankings in the search engines with more eye-catching online content.

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Schedule posts in advance

Save time and improve profits by scheduling posts in advance to efficiently manage and monitor daily social media updates.

Social media plans

Easy accessible and strategically planned


  • Create Facebook / Instagram account or refine existing
  • 12 Posts provided and posted on Facebook / Instagram
  • Customized upon client request within branding system
  • Develop content strategy that is specific to the business
  • Set up and management of post scheduling tool
  • Monitor and analyze targeted audience engagement 
Marketing essential plan


  • Create Facebook / Instagram account or refine existing
  • 8 Facebook / Instagram posts provided 
  • Easy access to ready-to-go posts in the provided online library 
  • Set up and management of post scheduling tool


  • 4 Facebook / Instagram posts provided
  • Set up and management of post scheduling tool
Marketing Standard plan

Social Media Examples